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Purchasing an investment property is a major life decision, but that property requires care and attention to thrive as a long-term investment. Many investment property owners do not have the time, knowledge, or desire to handle their property management tasks themselves, which makes it important for them to put their faith in an experienced property management company in Fort Myers.

At Real Property Management Southern Gulf Coast, our team of property managers has more than 25 years of experience both locally and nationally. Our local office is one branch of the national organization Real Property Management, which was recently named by Inc. Magazine as one of the nation’s 50 fastest-growing businesses. With more than 200 offices across the United States and Canada, RPM has the size and resources to provide you with all of the tremendous benefits of high quality property management services in Florida.

The team at RPM Southern Gulf Coast handles most day-to-day aspects of rental property management, including such tasks as rent collection, eviction notices, depositing rental income into your bank account via ACH transfer, operating 24 hours daily emergency hotlines, and more. Whether you are the owner of a single-family home, multifamily home, apartment complex, or condominium, we are here for you to make sure your investment strengthens over time.

Why choose RPM Southern Gulf Coast?

There are many reasons that southern Florida property owners come to our Fort Myers property management company for assistance. These include:

  • Affordable service – Given the level of service you receive from our team, the rate you pay is extremely cost effective.
  • Property inspections – We perform quarterly inspections of all of your properties to ensure they remain in good condition.
  • Screening of tenants – When potential tenants apply for residency in your properties, we perform thorough background checks to ensure they do not have a history of criminal activity or bad credit.
  • Online owner portal – RPM offers all of its investment property owner clients access to its web-based portal, which enables easy tracking of financial records, property activity, and more.
  • Liability policy – There are inherent risks that come with being an investment property owner. Our risk mitigation policies shield you from major liability concerns.
  • Centralized accounting – Regardless of the size of your property portfolio, you will certainly benefit from RPM’s centralized accounting services.

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If you are interested in getting started with our Fort Myers property management services, call RPM Southern Gulf Coast today at (239) 850-0085. We look forward to helping you preserve the value of your property for the years to come.